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Dieter Glogowski hands Rüdiger Nehberg the Weitsicht Prize in Frankfurt

Weitsicht Prize

The Weitsicht Prize was set up in 1997 by Dieter Glogowski, famed for his travels to Tibet and founder of the Frankfurt “Weitsicht Slide Show Festival”. The prize is awarded annually and is worth 10,000 Euros.

In 2001 one of the joint prize winners was Rüdiger Nehberg for his almost twenty-year-long and fruitful commitment to the cause of the Yanomami Indians in the Amazonian forests of Brazil. They were threatened with genocide as a result of a huge influx of gold diggers and because the government failed to offer them proper protection.
Glogowski, who has also travelled widely in Nepal, commented: “It was Rüdiger who brought the world’s spotlight onto this people through his ever more spectacular and high risk actions and his personal commitment. When the Yanomami Indians finally reached an acceptable peace settlement in 2000 it was largely thanks to Rüdiger”.

The prize money was spent on constructing a TARGET Hospital for the Waiapí Indians in the north-eastern Brazilian rainforest.