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Thomas Reinecke, Bettina von der Wense, Annette Weber and Rüdiger Nehberg
GOLD AWARD certificate
SPECIAL AWARD certificate

GOLD AWARD and SPECIAL AWARD for “Die ‘Sache’ [The Matter] – A Crusade against a Taboo” on 9th May 2007

On 9th May at the World Media Festival 2007 in Hamburg, the 60 minute TV Documentary “Die ‘Sache’ [The Matter] – A Crusade against a Taboo” (arte/ZDF, Production uc-tv Hamburg/Director Heike Mundzeck) was unexpectedly awarded two prizes:
the GOLD AWARD in the Ethics/Religion category and the SPECIAL “Hand in Hand” AWARD for “outstanding social improvement”.

The film describes the unconventional approach and success of Rüdiger Nehberg and Annette Weber and their human rights organisation TARGET in the fight against Female Genital Mutilation.
The film portrays the victims, the perpetrators and the decision makers. It reports on TARGET’s mobile hospital in the Ethiopian desert, on a support project for unemployed women circumcisers, on individual stories and on the “Caravan of Hope”. It then takes you right inside the hallowed halls of the Al-Azhar in Cairo where, in November 2006 and at TARGET’s invitation, an International Conference of Scholars under the patronage of the Grand Mufti of Egypt was held and delivered its sensational conclusion against female genital mutilation. The film also portrays Amina, the little girl who has refused to speak since being mutilated.

The judges at the World Media Festival not only considered technical and creative ability but also how well the film reached its target audience.