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TARGET’s Breakthrough:
Islam Outlaws Female Mutilation!

Delegates’ Comments on the Conference:

Sheikh Abkar from Chad: I am not ashamed to admit that I knew nothing of the full extent of the crime. I will oppose the practice by every means at my disposal. TARGET has found the strongest ally in me. The conference was a 200% success.”

Imam Diallo from Mali reports that he had even lost his position as Grand Mufti when he dared to oppose this tradition a few years ago. He had to be put under police protection for two weeks. “Please help me to publicise this decision in my country. I invite the religious leaders from all twenty West African countries to do this.”

Dr Lukman from Ethiopia: “The success of this conference has given my life the greatest fulfilment.”

Professor Kentenich from Berlin: “How did you succeed in bringing about this conference?” I am very impressed and happy to have been here.”


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