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TARGET’s Breakthrough:
Islam Outlaws Female Mutilation!

Dr Lukman, gynaecologist and surgeon from Addis Ababa, likened the removal of the clitoris to cutting off a man's glans, whilst he compared Pharaonic mutilation to hacking off the whole penis. Professor Kentenich from Berlin specified the horrific side-affects, which go hand in hand with mutilations. He spoke of life-long pain and traumas, death through blood loss and shock. The Egyptian doctors spoke of stealing the female centre of feeling, a woman’s soul and dignity. TARGET showed a two-minute film, which gives an uncompromising acoustic and visual taste of the horror of the crime. There has never been a comparable open discussion of this theological dimension.

Imam Tarafa Baghajati from Austria clearly sums up the right of a Muslim woman to an unrestricted, fulfilled sexuality. “Even more so than men, as they have to bear the consequences, namely pregnancy.” Moushira Khatab asked for “a clear decree from the Azhar” and spoke to us from the heart.

After two days of discussion the delegates withdrew for consultation. For Rüdiger Nehberg and Annette Weber from TARGET this waiting period was almost unbearable. On 23rd November, at 4.12pm local time, Professor Muhammad Shama, confidant of the Grand Mufti, made the announcement. It has the same value as a fatwa, a binding religious decree and is a theological sensation.


“Genital circumcision of women is a deplorable inherited custom ... it has no basis in the Qur'an with regard to authentic Hadith from the Prophet ... Therefore, the practice must be stopped in support of one of the highest values of Islam, namely to do no harm to another without cause ... Moreover, this is seen as punishable aggression against humankind ...devastating consequences for society ... The legislative organs are requested to declare this deplorable custom a crime.”

Professor Ali Gom’a, Grand Mufti, Egypt

Thus, mutilation is forbidden in Islam!!! We can scarcely believe the dimension of this conference result.

Now the decree must be communicated to the people. This will be a strong campaign for the next two years, even more than the Azhar conference for which we adopted 36-hour days. We are ready!


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