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Scholars Conference at Al Azhar, Cairo – the Breakthrough

Under the patronage of the Egyptian Grand Mufti, Prof. Dr. Ali Gom'a, the most eminent scholar on theological law in the Egyptian Ministry of Justice, TARGET was given permission to convene an International Scholars Conference on Female Genital Mutilation on 22. and 23.11.2006 at the Azhar University in Cairo to which the most prominent world representatives of Islam were invited.

Fatwa against Female Genital Mutilation

The decision reached by the Scholars Conference in Al Azhar, Cairo, was unprecedented in the history of religion: a fatwa (religious ruling) against Female Genital Mutilation.

Conversation with Grand Sheikh Prof. Dr. Tantawi

Before the conference, a decisive conversation was held with the Grand Sheikh of Al Azhar, Prof. Dr. Tantawi, the leader of Sunni Islam in the Azhar University.

“The Golden Book”

is TARGET’s small, carefully designed book containing the outcome of the Azhar Conference including numerous quotes from participants. Egypt’s Grand Mufti Prof. Ali Gom’a has written an introduction. The text appears in four languages and after the Summit is expected to be distributed to all Mosques in those countries in which Female Genital Mutilation is practised.

Protection of girls at risk as a result of the Scholars Conference:

Ethiopia: the Afar impose harsh sentences on Female Genital Mutilation

In July 2007, the Afar introduced exemplary tribal legal sentences following the Cairo decision.

Prof. Dr. Zakzouk – Distribution of a book against Female Genital Mutilation

Egypt’s Minister of Religious Affairs, Prof. Dr. Zakzouk, has announced the distribution of 90,000 copies of a book against Female Genital Mutilation as a result of TARGET’s Scholars Conference