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Letter of Thanks of the Senior Council for Islamic Affairs in the Province of Afar

17/11/1422 H (03/02/2002 AD) - No. 304/94

In the name of gracious and merciful God!

The Office of the Senior Council for Islamic Affairs of the Afar Province (Ethiopia) herewith expresses its thanks and esteem for Rüdiger Nehberg and his colleague (Annette Weber) for their organisation of a large gathering of Muslims. It comprised various groups, including scientists, judges, women and young people. It took place on Thursday 17/11/1422 H (03/02/2002 AD) in the Danakil Desert. Its aim is to protect the lives of the Afar women from this barbaric, surgical operation on female genitalia and the associated illnesses.

Female circumcision is a traditional, bad custom of the Afar tribes, which has strong adverse effects on society in general and the lives of the girls and women in particular.

This initiative was very positive and very important with regards to changing the life of the Afar.

Many thanks once more and with our respect!

Sheikh Ismail Abdallah Ismail
Senior Council for Islamic Affairs for the Afar Province