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TARGET (2000-2010): Jubilee summary

TARGET’s goal is the worldwide abolition of female genital mutilation. Since the founding of the human rights organisation on 5th August 2000, Annette and Rüdiger Nehberg have already achieved more on their journey in achieving this than all those before them. They managed this with a concept which hardly anyone gave a chance at the beginning and also because they had Islam as a strongly involved partner. This proved itself. The breakthrough for the TARGET founders came in 2006 with the Cairo conference at the Al-Azhar University: the highest Islamic scholars declared the custom “a crime” in a fatwa. Further important milestones included the “Caravan of Hope” in Mauritania (2005) and the desert conferences in Ethiopia (2002), Djibouti (2004) and Mauretania (2004). Today the success continues with the awareness campaign, THE GOLDEN BOOK.