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Udo Sengstock and Romy Beiersdörfer (both: GGP Media) in front of a palette of unfinished Books
At the end of the conveyor belt: the printed books are coming out



THE GOLDEN BOOK documents a piece of Islamic history. It contains the fatwa from Al Azhar in November 2006 and the most significant excerpts from speeches by prominent Islamic leaders as part of the “International Conference of Scholars on the Ban on Mutilation of the Female body through Circumcision” under the patronage of His Eminence Prof. Dr. Ali Gom’a, Grand Mufti of Egypt.

In Al Azhar female genital mutilation was declared an “offence against the highest values of Islam”. To reflect this historic message, THE GOLDEN BOOK has been produced in a precious edition: in green imitation leather, embossed in gold, with the towers of Al Azhar on the cover – fine paper, gilt page edges and a multi-layer cover with magnetic clasp. All the designs in the book come from architectural elements of Al Azhar. THE GOLDEN BOOK is written in Arabic, French and English. It has been checked by ulemas and found to be “worthy of Islam”. The Grand Mufti, Ali Gom’a, wrote the introduction. THE GOLDEN BOOK will put an end to the suffering of girls and women and proclaim to the whole world how religion can offer girls powerful protection.

Depending on funding, about four million copies of THE GOLDEN BOOK will be produced in time. It is designed to be used exclusively by imams in the 35 countries where this practice occurs. They should preach the “Golden message” to the faithful. In the long term, it is hoped that Koranic schools and universities will receive THE GOLDEN BOOK.

In Mauritania distribution has already begun. 50 000 copies have now been designated for Ethiopia and Djibouti.

On 17th April 2009, before thousands of worshippers at midday prayers in the Grand Mosque in Addis Ababa, excerpts will be read out.